Wheat – Friend or Foe

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Wheat has been on my mind a lot as I have now over a year of experience with how it impacts my skin, and as much as I love pasta and can’t live without it sometimes, if I splurge more than one day in a row, I can see immediate effects on my skin. I start itching more and as soon as I go wheat free again for several days, it goes away. It’s nothing severe but I certainly feel better without eating wheat.

I recently came across a CBS This Morning interview with Dr William Davis where he talked about how genetic modification of wheat has made it an unhealthy food, promoting weight gain and also impacting auto-immune illnesses. So even though he isn’t talking about skin conditions, I thought you might like to link to check out the video from that interview.

He talks about how modern wheat has a protein called gliadin that makes wheat addictive (don’t we all know that) and unhealthy. This protein apparently came about due to genetic manipulation and didn’t exist in the wheat our grandparents grew up with.

Click here for video.

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